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Creativity is one of the joys of life. With Wild Things Clay I want to make things that are beautiful and whimsical but they must also spark the fires of creativity in others.

I have been playing with clay for a very long time. I remember being captivated by it's possibilities when I was about 12 years old in art class at school. Before that I loved to fashion little models and sculptures out of homemade salt dough and bake them in the oven.

My artistic journey has taken may twists and turns since then. I have studied art and ceramics, exhibited in galleries, worked in a large commercial pottery and operated my own studio. After years spent making cups and platters and vases I decided to change my focus and start making jewelry and jewelry components.

Working in this much smaller medium has allowed me to branch out and share my work with a much wider audience, because beads, pendants and jewelry can easily be sent all over the world.

Jewelry, beads and pendants are also much more personal objects, allowing others to participate in the creative journey as well. They might do this by using them in their own creative projects or by wearing them as jewelry.

I put the utmost care into every item I produce, each piece is a tiny work of art to me. All of the items I produce are original and one of a kind and made only by me. I had make each object by hand and then hand paint each one with layers of underglaze colors, I then paint the details using a very tiny brush. Each item is fired at least twice in an electric pottery kiln.